St. Thomas University's Admissions and Recruitment Office is the first point of contact for all prospective students, both domestic and international. By maintaining communication from the point of inquiry to the point of registration, our staff works to ensure a smooth transition to university.

Over the course of the year, St. Thomas Admissions and Recruitment Officers develop and execute an extensive recruitment campaign, review applications for admission, award scholarships, maintain applicant records on the student information system, coordinate campus tours, respond to inquiries from prospective students, monitor policies that affect enrolment, serve as a liaison with high schools, and work to promote St. Thomas University to the public.

Admissions and Recruitment staff work as a team whose collective goal is to facilitate the process of university selection for prospective students of all ages, their parents and families, high school guidance counsellors, and any others who express an interest in St. Thomas University.

Please feel welcome to contact our Recruitment staff at any time with questions.


Cristi Flood-Caristi, Director of Student Recruitment 
Phone: 506-452-0529
Office: 219 Donald C. Duffie Hall

Bailey O'Regan, Admissions Counsellor
Phone: 506-460-0386
Office: 309 Donald C. Duffie Hall


Alex Dascalu, Admissions Counsellor
Phone: 506-452-0460
Office: 311 Donald C. Duffie Hall


Hannah Johnston, On-Campus Admissions Counsellor
Phone: 506-453-7218
Office: 310 Donald C. Duffie Hal


Louise Touchbourne, Admissions Counsellor
Phone: 506-452-0506 
Office: 302 Donald C. Duffie Hall


Muchaneta Nyambuya, Digital Admissions Counsellor
Phone: 506-452-0562
Office: 209 Donald C. Duffie Hall


Recruitment Department
Donald C. Duffie Hall
Toll Free: 1-877-788-4443
Phone: 506-452-0532
Fax: 506-452-0617